the masked hero

Der Maskierte Der Maskierte

I call this figure:
The masked hero

So well… in this picture you see the “masked magician” preparing his best trick. This antihero blows the lid off illusions and thus disillusions viewers, especially on kid`s channels, for more than one decade now. Disclosing an illusion after the performance is like establishing a graveyard next to a hospital. This great hero has to disguise in the daytime as well to prevent his magic peers from lynching him on the street one day.

A magician`s highest good is the protection of his own magic secrets. Thus it was not that hard expressing artistically his attitude towards this issue in my cartoon.

This cartoon has NOT been printed on canvas. Maybe one day a paper manufacturer will stoop to print it on four-ply perforated yard goods and launches it on the magic market. Please do not print, do not hang up, consider the environment!