Magic Magazine T H E L I N K I N G R I N G (Coverstory)
„Lex and Alina, originally from Germany, are masters of the quick-change act. The Quick Change Show: High Speed Haute Couture Entertainment“ is beautifully choreographed and visually stunning“

Magic Magazine M A G I C S E E N
„Lex Schoppi is one of the worlds leading Quick Change Artistes“

Magic Magazin S I M S A L A B I M
„One of the best quick change acts in the world. This amazing and colourful act is very high class entertaiment and suitable for all audiences.“

Magic Magazine M A G I C W E E K
„masters of the art … unbelievably fast … new standards are being set in this art!“

Magic Magazine M A G I E
“ very nice professional act“

Artist Magazine
„dont blink“

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