The Linking Ring features as Cover Lex Schoppi & Alina

USA: The February 2012 issue of ‚The Linking Ring‘ features as its cover story the exciting quick change act, Lex Schoppi and Alina. The 6 full page portrait titled under the headline „Living for Change“ and has written by the editor Bobby Warren.

Lex and Alina, originally from Germany, are masters of the quick-change act. Their wardrobes change before your eyes in an instant, than change again…. Magic is typically ‚Now you see it, now you don’t‘. But with Lex and Alina it is: ‚Now you see it, now you see something different‘. Their act, billed as „The Quick Change Show: High Speed Haute Couture Entertainment“ is beautifully choreographed and visually stunning…

The IBM, founded in 1922, has 85 years of continuous activities and embraces thousands of members from 73 countries. There are about 300 branches, known as Rings, all over the world and there could be one close to you. It is the world’s greatest magician Association.

Cover photo by Zakary BELAMY

the lining ring - Lex Schoppi and Alina