Quick Change 1 (german)

WHO SO EVER FLIRTED WITH THE IDEA OF A SPLIT SECOND COSTUME CHANGE HAD TO FINDOUT THE HARD WAY THAT THERE WAS HARDLY ANY SPECIALIST LITERATURE ABOUT TRICK COSTUMES This german book about costume change techniques for men points beginners in the right direction. The first 40 pages are intensively dedicated to the different techniques. The user is trained in 22 sequences to accomplish costume changes. The combination of individual sequences results in very fast complete costume changes. This is described through six examples. The second half of the book concerns itself with special preparations, aids and multiple costume changes. Finally a multiple costume change with six costumes from preparation and through the handling is presented with a series of 48 photos. However with this book the author cleans up an old prejudice by also attesting to the „magical user“ that the most complicated technique does not necessarily have to be the quickest. The user is not only presented with the ability to perform split second costume changes with various articles of clothing – whether it be a janitor’s costume, a dinner jacket or a tails costume. Even the split second change of a tie or a shirt are explained. The author, grandson of a magical performer, has been performing magic himself since he was eight years old. He turned an initial annoyance at the lack of literary material on the subject into a drive of research. Without the use of expensive special costumes, this art is presented in a new fashion. Magic Magazine „Magie“ : … A top book for the newcomer and people with an interest, which is really worth reaading right from the preface! …the trustworthiness makes this book valuable… Why wasn’t this book around ten years ago? Magiec Magazine „Magische Welt“: An important, well constructed book… … the contents of which is absolutely recommendable! Magic Magazine „Zauberkunst“: With this new publication the author closes a gapin the libraries of magical speciality literature. GERMAN EDITION 80 Pages Paperback Softcover (21cm * 14,8cm)

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