The Lex Schoppi & Alina Quick Change Show

The masters of transformation changing costumes completely, one after another , and so incredibly fast that it borders on a film edit. They fascinate their audience with their magical cocktail of fashion consisting of 14 Quick-Change effects. Quite a few woman would dream of being able to marry in Alina’s “work clothes”! Even items of French Haute Couture clothing have been incorporated into this branch of variety entertainment. Wonderful, long, dresses and overcoats make this spectacular act one of the quickest and most difficult in his trade. Alina is the only woman in the world to master the split second costume change whilst still bound in less than a second. Lex Schoppi & Alina have been awarded with several gold prizes for entertainment and have been the first German magic duo to be presented by the leading magazine for magicians and mentalists in Europe, “Magicseen”. The magazine entitles them “world’s leading Quick Change Artistes” and dedicated a full four page report to the magic duo. In 2008 the official institution of the international professional association for show and entertainment arts bestowed upon them the title “Artists of the Year” in the category “Best Transformation Show”. One month later they have been in the biggest European Circus-TV-Show. In Germany they have been awarded as “ARTISTS OF THE YEAR 2008 + 2011″. They... weiterlesen »

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Cartoons & IllustrationsThe cartoonist Lex Schoppi


Lex Schoppi is a cartoonist and illustrator. For the magazine he created magical world since early 2010 cartoons for the respective columns. Lex Schoppi cartoons are drawn by hand and digitally colored. The final image is printed on high quality canvas or Dibond. Lex Schoppi includes gallery of famous magician magician currently several dozen - and growing. Some cartoons can be found right in the navigation bar. Lex Schoppis most extensive work was a comic book, for which there is even a Treaser. This satirical comic book caricatures the qualifying competition for the German Championship of Magic in 2010. The leading actor the Great Giant, a star director of world fame, in the role is noted for: the magic interpretation of the opera swan lake. He enchants in ballet slippers en pointe, in tutu skirt and tails, of course. more about