Woman Costumes

Nothing is more difficult to sew, as customized quick change clothing for women. We specialize in tailoring showbiz clothes for ladies. Showbiz clothing that is truly in itself. These are FX costumes. Our technical costume design makes it possible to change clothes in a flash. From a simple colour change of a little dance dress to haute couture gown for the big show - anything is possible. We work for magicians, dancestars, musicstars, comedians, theatres and TV Shows.



Here in the picture a 4x self changing woman dresses.


Here in the picture our Haute Couture dress, which changes to any color you like. We can make this dress in black, red, yellow and white. The final dress can have any the colour you like. Such clothes are used for Europeans greatest Circus TV show with tiger stripes on a long coloured dress.


Here in the picture you see six from white to red self changing mini-dresses for a dance formation. The costumes are undecorated in this picture. These dresses can be personalized quickly with thousands of crystal stones or pearls. Here the customer wanted to do this work in own contribution.